Ebony Oily Big Ass

Listen up I have been shooting for something like 5-7 years and I have seen so many girls go to shoot something that doesn’t really show off their best assets. Now when I meet a girl before I shoot them I kick the tires and check the body so to speak… So I bring you, Chanel, she is something like 5 feet tall, hot black girl, Dominican and super fucking cute!!!!! So cute I just want to squeeze her face till her fucking eyes pop out cute… From the way she talked to the way she walked, I liked everything about her so I asked her to be on SPIZOO and she agreed… There is something most people don’t know about Chanel she has a stand-alone drop-dead sick body and we fucked the shit out of it. I love Chanel and I hope you all do too because I plan on bringing her back many more times to make the rounds here on SPIZOO…Thanks and Enjoy the show!!!

Featuring: Chanel Heart

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